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Get to predictable cash flow with effective quote management

No more hassle of last-minute back and forth conversations on your payday. SuperOps.ai’s in-built quote management ensures you get paid on time.


Key benefits of quote management



Avoid surprises & client pushbacks in the billing process



Keep track of all versions of the quotes and improve visibility



Get better control & predictability of cash flow


Create & send quotes with ease 

Let your quote reach your clients inbox in just a few clicks. Initiate quote creation with all the service items required and send it to your client with a link to the quote.



Enable your clients to approve or reject a quote in a single click

No more follow-ups on quote approval. Your clients can easily approve or reject a quote via a public link or through the portal, making the process faster and pain-free. What’s more, your clients can add comments when they approve or reject a quote, allowing greater context and lesser confusion.



Revise rejected quotes and use version history to quickly trace back your steps

Clients suggesting too many changes on the quote you just sent? With SuperOps.ai, revise a quote many times without having to create a new one. With our “quote versions” capability, the numbered older versions are saved in the same thread so that you have all the information when you come back to look into them later!



Leverage full context with all the quote-linked conversations right beside the quote

Put an end to the long line of siloed emails between you and your client to work out a quote that is mutually agreed upon. With quote-linked conversations, view all the comments and conversations with your client right alongside the quote.



Convert approved quotes into invoices one-click

Getting an approval for a quote is only half the battle won. Convert them into invoices in just a single click and watch the cash flow automatically on the date of payment.



Declutter your quotes with status-based quote views

View the quotes that are in the different stages of its life lifecycle in one screen. Get to know the invoiced quotes in a single glance and start working on the ones that need your attention.



Don’t waste time on drafting emails,use our customizable quote templates

Why type emails to send quotes when you have got templates at your fingertips? Customize your email notifications for both the requester and the technicians so that they stay on top of the quote’s progress without spending extra time for it.


Get a friction-free quoting process for your MSP business and achieve predictable cash flow.


Send quotes, get approvals, and convert them into invoices in no time using SuperOps.ai quote management.

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