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An intelligent way to manage your assets. End of story.

Managing IT assets in a single sheet or pricey enterprise software is an almost herculean task. With SuperOps.ai's automation, it's a breeze.


Key benefits of policy management



Automate asset management and patch updates



A simplified way to manage policy management without any mixup



Custom build policies using scripting in Powershell and VB


I'm not kidding you when I say I've tried every PSA, RMM software out there. But seeing your product makes me so happy. I can't wait for you folks to release it. Fantastic.

Ron. A

TechTap Solutions


"It's a mix-up!" — you won't be saying that again. 

Complex and unclear policies killing productivity and embarrassing you in front of your clients? Say no more! SuperOps.ai lets you create and set up hierarchical and group policies and roll out the ones that work best for you. They never overlap, so you don't mix things up and embarrass yourself.



Build more into your policy engine as you grow

You can set up multiple rules to notify, create new tickets, or roll out changes when something fails, reaches a threshold, or changes state — right down to an individual asset or endpoint.

Sounds cool, eh? It's cooler when you see it in action.



More than just a set of preferences for managing assets

SuperOps.ai's policy management is a way to automate the way you manage your assets, in the way you want. We make it easy to run various automation rules across clients, sites, asset classes, or endpoints. 



One size doesn't fit all. Hence, custom policies.

Every client is as unique as their business requirements. You can create custom policies tailored for each client. We also make sure that every action related to every asset or endpoint is promptly logged so you have an audit trail for context and compliance.



Build your own.

Sometimes, you need more than just built-in conventions and policies. That's why SuperOps.ai enables you to write custom scripts in various scripting languages like Powershell and VB to automate almost any task across Windows operating systems. 


Put all the small, big, and important tasks on autopilot


Set up custom policies and automate processes within your MSP business using SuperOps.ai

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